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Fall 2021
Jul 07, 2022
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Prerequisites: BIOL 1200 and 1400 with a grade of C or better and CHEM 2110 and CHEM 2120.
Explores fundamental physical and chemical mechanisms that underlie the normal function of the endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, digestive, and muscular systems. Particular emphasis is placed on the coordination and maintenance of these systems in the human body. Offered each Fall and Spring. This course includes a laboratory component where students will explore the fundamental concepts of human physiology using inquiry-based lab activities. These will include the recording, interpretation and analysis of EEG, ECG and EMG data. The co-required laboratory has been integrated into the scheduling for this course.
Faculty: N. HARTMAN, C. LIND, M. ZWICK 4.000 Credit hours
4.000 Lecture hours

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Face to Face, Flex Synchronous, Hybrid Full, Hybrid Partial, Lecture/Lab, Lecture, Online Asynchronous, Online Blended, Online Synchronous

Natural Sciences & Mathematics Division
Biology Department

Course Attributes:
Behavioral Neuroscience

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